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Livestock Haulage Experts
At the forefront of the humane livestock transportation for more than 90 years


Vehicles and trailers are specially designed to allow for the resting of animals with on-board watering and feedings systems to ensure that the animals are kept in peak condition.


We believe that vehicles used for livestock transportation should be licensed to ensure that they comply with set standards and are keen to promote NVQ levels of training for drivers.


Vehicles operate locally throughout the UK, transporting up to two million animals a year. Armstrong vehicles can be found at all Scottish markets throughout the year and in particular have become synonymous with high service levels at the annual Caithness sheep sales.


The same careful attention is given to all animals in our care whether travelling a very short distance in single animal consignments or on longer distances on national contracts for the suppliers to major supermarkets.

Meeting UK Food Standards

To further demonstrate our commitment to providing a high quality service to our customers, Wm Armstrong have been assessed to Assured British Meats standards and are a certified haulier.

We are also proud members of Red Tractor Assurance Scheme and British Farm Assured. The company is fully committed to livestock transport and has in place programmes of investment in new equipment and driver training and assessment.

  • Food Safety The Red Tractor Food Safety Standards ensure cleanliness and hygiene all the way from the farm to supermarket shelf. This includes the transportation of Milk and Livestock by Wm Armstrong

  • Food Hygiene Red Tractor standards need to be meaningful and enforceable. That's why over 78,000 farmers and 500 plus food packers and manufacturers working to Red Tractor standards, including Wm Armstrong, are independently checked, verified and inspected.

  • Animal Welfare When you choose Wm Armstrong for Livestock Haulage Services, you're choosing good animal welfare standards. The Red Tractor Scheme's veterinary and food industry experts are constantly refining these standards to promote the health and welfare of animals in farming.

  • The Environment Farmers look after around 75% of the land area of the UK, so their work can have a big impact on the landscape. Red Tractor standards include responsible farming methods, so when the Consumer buys Red Tractor food it means they're playing a part too.

  • Food Origin Food Miles are a real concern for shoppers. The flag in the Red Tractor logo guarantees the food's origin. The Union Flag provides an independently verified guarantee that the food the Consumer is buying has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK.

  • All of the Milk and Livestock transported by Wm Armstrong comes from sites in the UK.


More about the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme

All goods carried by us are done so under RHA terms and conditions which you can read here

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