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Skip Marker Boards Adhesive (Various Sizes)

Container/Skip Marker Boards Abnormal Load

Skip Marker Boards Adhesive (Various Sizes)

New: (Each)
£9.33 (exc. VAT)
£11.20 (inc. VAT)

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Skip Marker Boards Adhesive (Red/Yellow)

Supplied in pairs and available in the following sizes :
375mm x 265mm
420mm x 235mm
700mm x 140mm
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All of our Signage Products are NEW, high quality durable products and are manufactured in the UK.
They conform to British and European regulations.

Truckapart Reference Numbers
TA220000113 (375mm x 265mm)
TA220000114 (420mm x 235mm)
TA220000115 (700mm x 140mm)

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