Morris Lubricants

Morris Lubricants | Full Range of Engine Oils Available

An extensive range of High Quality Lubricants formulated and developed for your fleet

At Cumbria Truck Centre, we carry the full range of High Performance Engine Oils from Morris Lubricants, a UK based manufacturer who are committed to providing fleet operators such as yourselves with the essential lubricants to ensure their correct operation.

  • Made in the UK to OEM and international standards
  • Suitable for Marine, Industrial and Automotive applications
  • Quantities available range from 1 litre to bulk
  • Engine oil analysis available via third party

Exhaust emission devices have created the need for new advanced lubricants. Plus, innovation in the area of transmissions has resulted in the need for more responsive fluids that are required to operate under longer and more arduous operating regimes. Morris Lubricants have added these new generation lubricants to their Fleet range.

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