Isuzu and Euro VI

Isuzu and Euro VI

Isuzu's Solution to the latest European Emissions Regulations

What is Euro VI ?
Euro VI regulations were introduced on 1st January 2014, setting a new standard for Heavy Goods Vehicle engine emissions across Europe. New safety regulations were also introduced alongside the new emissions rules to help improve braking performance, vehicle stability and on-the-road visibility. Isuzu has developed it's Euro VI range in order to cut emissions and improve efficiency, without compromising on vehicle performance.

The science behind Euro VI
The new Euro VI regulations will see an overall reduction of 97% in NOx emissions (Nitrogen Oxides), and a reduction of 99% in PM emissions (Particulate Matter) since 1990. Isuzu's new Euro VI engines feature two special systems working in conjunction with each other to significantly reduce the harmful NOx and PM emissions. There's a lot of science packed into Isuzu's Euro VI vehicles, but they have made it easy to understand and maintain, and all vehicles come with a multi-informational display so you know exactly when to top up with AdBlue.

Why upgrade to a Euro VI vehicle ?
Improved fuel economy and new safety measures make for a superior all-round vehicle, better for you and the environment. Low emission zones are being introduced to London and Europe and could be extended to other UK cities too. If you're currently driving Euro IV vehicles on a regular basis, you might want to consider investing in a Euro VI vehicle now. You'll be ahead of the game should legislation changes occur in the future.

Isuzu's Euro VI Range
Euro VI is available across the entire Isuzu range from 3.5 tonne to 11.9 tonne GVW at Cumbria Truck Centre.

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