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Wm Armstrong at Truckfest

The annual Truckfest event was created over 28 years ago, and is an important event for the Wm Armstrong Group. In that time, so many changes with road haulage and logistics have taken place that the industry has seen the demise of many of it's traditional and specialised events.

Truckfest has been the one constant for Wm Armstrong and other operators and drivers throughout many difficult times and year on year the event is increasing it's popularity. Truckfest has provided that all important meeting place for all sectors of the industry as well as a viable alternative to make contact with both principles and drivers alike in a relaxed atmosphere. The event's popularity is dictated by the hauliers like ourselves who attend the event.

Recent years have seen all of the Truckfest events increasing their truck competitor entries, showing that it is probably even more relevant now than it was back in 1983 when it first started. Truckfest is not just for those in the road haulage industry. The show is packed with fun things for all the family, including stars from T.V. and stage and the very best in motorised entertainment.

Wm Armstrong at Truckfest

Armstrong's Longest Serving Driver Laid to Rest

Wm Armstrong's 'Old One Eleven' Scania came out of retirement in January 2010 to carry the company's longest serving driver on his final journey. Mike Fidell, who had worked for Armstrongs for 40 years, lost his wife two years ago and had enjoyed only three years retirement before he was struck by cancer.

The Old One Eleven, driven by Director Derek Armstrong, chugged through the snow from Mike's home near Warwick Bridge to Carlisle Crematorium. Derek said "I was pleased to be able to do this for Mike. He started work at Armstrongs before I started school. He was famous for wearing clogs and got called 'Cloggy'. We will all miss him."

Mike Fidell started with Armstrongs in July 1966 where he put his experience as a smallholder to good use as a livestock driver. He later moved to the general haulage department where he travelled throughout the UK and Ireland with drainage pipes. In the 90's Mike went back to livestock and took pedigree pigs all over Europe including as far away as Spain and Greece.

Director William Armstrong said "It was a tribute to Mike to see so many of his colleagues gathered together to see him off. The air was thick with 'diesel fumes' as they re-told stories of days when the 'Old One Eleven' was the newest truck in the fleet. The 'Old one Eleven' will be 30 years old this year."

Wm Armstrong News : Mike Fidell

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