Wm Armstrong History
Wm Armstrong History
Wm Armstrong History
Wm Armstrong History

Livestock Opportunities | 1940 - 1970

In 1947 Bob, William's eldest of six sons and one daughter, passed his driving test. 17-year old Bob, who had been driving since his feet could touch the pedals was immediately given responsibility for the lorries and the business while his father concentrated more on running the larger farm he had bought at Penton.

The 50s saw rapid growth at Armstrong's. In 1953, Bob Armstrong saw the opportunity of getting into livestock haulage by taking over Millican's livestock vehicles. Bob's brothers, Harold (having returned from national service) and Jock joined the company, later to be joined by Cyril. Meanwhile Bob's wife Margaret was setting up the office systems.

In the 60's, cattle were being transported to Devon by rail but Armstrongs won business by cutting delivery schedules to a fraction of the time. Local farmers were also travelling as far as Caithness to buy their sheep. Armstrong's saw this as an opportunity, so their first 20-hour haul back to Longtown with North County Cheviots began. Today the journey takes nine hours and is over 30 miles shorter with the help of bridges en-route. At the famous one-day lamb sale at Lairg, Armstrongs lead the industry by carrying home around 6,000 of the 36,000 sheep sold.

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